What is it, what is it for and what types of kitesurf harness are there?

A kitesurf harness is an essential part of our kite-surfing gear as it is the part that unites our body with the kite through the bar and its lines, this transmits the power of the kite to our body so that we can derive it towards the table.

It is provided with a front hook where we hook the chicken loop of our bar.

Types of kitesurf harness:

seat harness
seat harness

There are 2 types of kitesurf harness, the seat or legs and the waist or dorsal, the first we tie to our waist and our legs, avoiding that it rises to our ribs so it is the most suitable for beginners.

waist harness
waist harness

The waist or dorsal harness is only attached to our waist and allows more movement so it is the right one to perform tricks..



Parts of a kitesurf harness

Harness parts
  1. Connection hook to the chicken loop
  2. Hook closure
  3. Adjustment straps
  4. Ring for leash
  5. Velcro to fasten
  6. Rear handle, usually have a ring where to hook the board leash, is used mostly to grab another kiter on the ground to help you in case you are overpotended.

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