What is a kitesurfing board?

airush livewire board
airush livewire board

A kitesurf board is an essential element for the practice of this sport, it is a board specially designed to allow us to slide through the water by means of the traction generated by a kitesurfing kite.

For each table model there are several measurements that usually range from 134cm to 142cm for bidirectional twin and between 147cm to 183cm for directional.

The size of each board depends on the weight, height, abilities and way of navigation of the kiter.

According to the way of navigation of each rider can use restraints for the feet called straps, boots or not use anything (strapless).

What types of kitesurf boards are there?

We can mainly differentiate the kiteboarding tables into 2 groups:

tipos de tablas de kitesurf

Bidirectional tables or twin tip:

They are tables with a symmetrical shape with which we can navigate to both sides, they are specially designed for freeride and / or freestyle.

According to the type of navigation of each rider, the board can carry either footstraps, which are some foot restraints similar to flip-flops like those we can use on the beach or boots similar to those used in wakeboarding.

Directional boards, surfkite or race board

They are boards with an asymmetrical shape similar to those of surf in which we can navigate only in one direction, so the kitesurfer must change sides (jibe) to change direction, these tables are specially designed for waves (wave) or race (speed, slalom or races)

With these types of tables we can navigate with less wind than with the twin tip to have more buoyancy.

Depending on the type of navigation of each rider these tables can be provided with straps or restraints for the feet or use pads (non-slip part) for strapless lovers.


straps types
straps types

What is a hydrofoil or foil?

It is a modality of kitesurfing in which a fin or keel is added to a directional board with which, when reaching speed, the board rises from the water allowing us to glide over the water.

What do we need to know to buy a kitesurfing board?


What is the influence of the flexibility of a kite board?

A more flexible board is better to start in kitesurfing since they absorb the energy of the water and in the falls when they fall they will suffer less from our knees and will not be able to sail the waves better.

On the contrary, a more rigid board is more indicated for the more advanced riders since it allows us to jump higher although the falls will be more aggressive and the surfing of the waves will be more difficult.

Weight and size

The weight of the board is directly linked to the flexibility, since to make a more rigid board more material with a more complex composition is necessary.

The size of the board to choose depends on the height, weight and level of the kiter, because the higher we are or the lower we will need a larger board that will make it easier to stand on it, however a smaller board It will make it easier to perform tricks and surf the waves.

Rocker or curvature

The more curvature a board has, the easier it will be to use and allows us a greater margin of error in landings, however a flatter board gives us more speed and glides faster.


Kitesurf boards have lower channels that allow water to flow in one direction, giving us more grip, use smaller fins and giving us more margin of error when landing. They also provide more rigidity to the board without increasing its weight.


The kite boards have several fins that the bigger they are the easier it will be to go against the wind (tight) and the smaller they are, they allow us to gain speed when turning and trimming before making a jump.

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