What do we need to learn kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport, especially if we do not have a minimum knowledge of both kite handling and how much kite to use at any time, so it is essential that we carry out a previous course with a school with qualified professionals.

In kitesurf base we have a database of certified schools with which we can get in touch with a school with which to teach in your area or where you are going to travel either in Spain (Tarifa, Conil, Chiclana, Cádiz, Mallorca, Fuerteventura, Valencia, Alicante, Barcelona …) as in other countries.

What types of kite courses are there?

Normally most schools offer 3 types of courses:

1. Group kitesurf course:

The students form pairs and work as a team, taking turns with the kite and the board, sharing an instructor for two groups. It is not necessary to go as a couple since there can always be another person who wants to do the same type of course as you. Each student will have their individual personal equipment (neoprene, helmet, vest and harness).

It is a good option since in our beginnings in the kite is very hard and so we can rest while practicing our partner. It usually lasts 3 hours per day or session and usually has a price of about € 70 per person per day / session, although this may vary depending on the area where we are going to do it.

2. Course of semi-private or intensive kitesurfing:

In this case each student will work individually with a complete equipment for him alone and the monitor will work with two students at a time. The price will depend on the time we want to class, to have an orientation can have a cost of € 50 for one hour, € 80 for two hours and will decrease as more hours of course we choose.

3. Private kite surfing course

In this case the student will work individually with a complete equipment and will have the monitor for him alone, like the previous one the price varies depending on the hours we choose, it can have a cost of € 70 for one hour.

What is a kitesurf course?

Most schools complete the course in 3 days or sessions.

Day 1: Earth Course:

The first day our monitor will teach us the basic rules of security, theory of the wind and we will learn to ride a kite, take off, land it and drive it on land.

Day 2: Water course without board or bodydrag

On the second day our monitor will teach us how to do bodydrag, which would be to navigate in the water without a board, very important to later recover the board when we fall.

Day 3: Water course with board

The third day we will learn to navigate in the water with the board, do the water start (get up on the board while in the water) and we will start to navigate and make transitions (change direction)

What is normally included in the course?

Normally all schools include the necessary equipment and material to complete the course, including neoprene, helmet, life jacket and harness, mandatory civil liability and accident insurance and material breakage insurance.

How do I continue learning once I have completed the course?

This depends on how skilled we are and the level we have achieved in the course, we have the following options:

– Give more water classes to keep moving forward, it is a good option since we would not have to worry if the kite or other parts of the equipment breaks.

-Rent the equipment to the school, it is a cheaper option but in case of breaking the equipment we would have to pay its repair, in addition to not having the support of a monitor. It is a good option once we have a certain level and so we can try different types of kites and boards before buying our equipment.

-Buy a second-hand equipment, Kitesurfing material is expensive, do not be carried away by offers because in many cases they are equipments with many years and many repairs that can make us have to spend the money twice.

-Buy a new team, Most of the kitesurfers have several bars and kites for each type and force of wind, the set is quite expensive but we can always go buy it little by little, start by buying personal equipment, a board of initiation, bar and kite of the measure that we use most in the spot that we are going to frequent and little by little go buying other kites of greater or smaller size. The ideal is to buy kites and bar of the same brand so that with the same bar we can use all our kites.

In our store we can offer you material for all levels and pockets.