Neoprene suits, hats, gloves and booties

Practicing kitesurfing we spend a lot of time in the water, and especially in winter or in spots of colder waters we need to protect ourselves from the cold, for this we show you the best offers in the different types of protections.

Short neoprene suits

Ideal for summer and for warm water

[amazon bestseller=”traje de neopreno corto  kitesurf” items=”3″]

Long neoprene suits

Necessary for the practice of kitesurfing in winter and in cold spots.

[amazon bestseller=”traje neopreno largo kitesurf” items=”3″]

Neoprene caps

Indispensable in very cold spots

[amazon bestseller=”gorro neopreno kitesurf” items=”3″]

Neoprene gloves

Very recommended for cold weather and to avoid cuts with rocks.

[amazon bestseller=”guantes agua neopreno” items=”3″]


Essential if we surf in spots with stones.

[amazon bestseller=”boots kitesurf” items=”3″]

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