Twintip or bidirectional boards

Choosing a good kitesurfing board with the correct size is something important to allow us to progress in kitesurfing, because if we choose one that is too small it will cost us a lot of work to stand on the board and if it is too big we will have a hard time turning, crossing waves and progress with the tricks.

A good measure for a beginner adult man of medium height can understand 136 ~ 138cm. The boards are usually sold without footstraps so it is important to read the features and if they are not included you can buy them in our section of Footstraps, boots, straps and pads. Here we show you the best deals in twintip boards.

North Hadlow 2016

This board designed for Aaron Hadlow, one of the best champions is a board for freestyle and wakestyle with a hard flex that allows us to jump higher and with a great pop.

[amazon box=”B019CX5O2O”]

North Hadlow 2018

This model differs from the previous one in that it has wider channels to make the landings softer and the ends have been softened to absorb the choppy.

[amazon box=”B07657RF7H”]

North Jaime 2018

Designed for the legend Jaime Herraiz this is a board for those riders who like to sail hooked and unhooked that has a medium flex to ensure comfort and performance for freestyle including carbon reinforcements to reduce weight and improve their response and Wide ends to ensure a good pop.

[amazon box=”B0761LJZZD”]

Available in our store in: 136 y 139

North Jaime Textreme 2018

Characteristics similar to the previous one but made entirely in carbon, so its weight is very low and its medium-hard flex providing an explosive pop.

[amazon box=”B076576HQB”]

Available in our store in: 136 y 139

North Team Series 2018

The team series of north is a competition freestyle board with rigid flex, an explosive pop and deep channels that facilitate a great grip.

[amazon box=”B07656VYTL”]

North Gambler 2016

The North Gambler is a board designed for wakestyle and park riding with a rigid flex for more pop and a great rocker to control the landings.

[amazon box=”B019CX5OKG”]

North Gambler 2018

It has the same characteristics as the previous one but a position and narrower channels have been added to increase its solidity.

[amazon box=”B075VTHTW2″]

North X-Ride 2018

We are facing a perfect off-road table for beginners in the freestyle world, with a soft flex to ensure comfortable navigation.

[amazon box=”B075VVCLLM”]

Available in our store in: 132, 135, 138 y 141

North Soleil 2018

La Soleil is a table designed by women and for women. It is a table easy to control with a soft flex for easy navigation and a narrow profile designed for girls.

[amazon box=”B075VW1PBW”]

Available in our store in: 132 y 136

North Gonzales 2018

The North Gonzales board is a great board with which to start kitesurfing and at the same time a great freeride board, it has a soft flex that makes it very easy to handle.

[amazon box=”B075VVFJ2N”]

Core Fusion 3

The Core Fusion 3 is a comfortable and high performance board for both freeride and freestyle. Its specially designed wooden core makes it have an explosive pop.

[amazon box=”B073TZVQ4V”]

Available in our store in: 133, 135, 137, 139, 141144, LW147 y LW152

Liquid Force Carbon Drive 2017

The Cabron Drive board by Liquid Force has a core of wood and carbon exterior, making it a great board with which to progress in kitesurfing.

[amazon box=”B01MZ0N3ZA”]

Available in our store in: 140 y 143

Liquid Force Element 2017

The Element board from Liquid Force is a lightweight table with great pop and a great grip.

[amazon box=”B0767XFR2G”]

Available in our store in: 133 y 136

Liquid Force Element Carbon 2016

The Liquid Force Element Carbon board is a super lightweight table framed in carbon with a structure in the shape of a bee panel that provides great robustness with very little weight.

[amazon box=”B016FQPW32″]

Available in our store in: 136 y 139

Liquid Force Aloha 2016

This table is specially designed for girls with a wooden core and a narrow profile to facilitate navigation.

[amazon box=”B01E759FTA”]

Liquid Force Edge 2016

Specially designed for beginners makes the Liquid Force Edge a very easy to use board.

[amazon box=”B016FRDPXA”]

Available in our store in: 136 y 146

Naish Orbit

The Naish Orbit board is a table specially designed for the lightwind freeride.

[amazon box=”B01CPAK8Z4″]

Naish Dub 2015

The Naish Dub is an aggressive board designed for wakestyle with boots or footstraps.

[amazon box=”B0123ZJM62″]

Available in our store in: 132 y 134

Cabrinha Xcaliber 2016

The Xcaliber board by Cabrinha is a freestyle board with a wooden core and carbon exterior that gives us a hard flex and an explosive pop.

[amazon box=”B014FA4KQA”]

Available in our store in: 132, 135 y 141

Cabrinha Spectrum 2017

The Cabrinha Spectrum board is a multipurpose Freeride table with a design that minimizes choppy by having a great pop.

[amazon box=”B01K1QJ0RG”]

Available in our store in: 136, 140, 144, 148 y 152

Cabrinha Spectrum 2018

Successor of the previous one presents some small changes that make it a more stable board.

[amazon box=”B074TGT674″]

Cabrinha Ace 2017

The Cabrinha Ace is a versatile board for both freeride and freestyle with great pop and grip.

[amazon box=”B01KXWUU04″]

Available in our store in: 131, 133, 135, 137, 139 y 141

Cabrinha Custom 2016

The Cabrinha Custom is a wakestyle board specially designed to absorb the choppy.

[amazon box=”B014FA5BRW”]

Available in our store in: 133, 136, 139 y 142

Slingshot Solo 2017

This board specially designed for wakestyle has a special design that generates great grip even without fins.

[amazon box=”B01LWLBINK”]

Slingshot Crisis 2015

The Criss of Slingshot board is a freeride board with a wooden core and a large belt.

[amazon box=”B01B6DC7G4″]

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