Helmets and vests for kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport, so especially when we are learning or trying to get a new trick it is important to protect ourselves, that is why we show you the best helmets and vests to protect our integrity.


As everyone knows, our head before a blow can do us a lot of damage or leave us unconscious, which if we are in the middle of the sea is something dangerous, for that reason it is important to protect it. Below we show you the best deals for kitesurf helmets.

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Flotation vest

A good vest that keeps us afloat is important especially when we are learning and spend a lot of time trying to recover the board, in addition to helping us with the bodydrag. We show you the best offers of this type of vests.

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Impact vest

As we move forward in the kite we will want to start jumping and doing tricks, for that reason it is important an impact vest since the blows that we give can be quite violent.

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