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Kitesurf kites for beginners and freeride

Buying a kite when we are learning can be very complicated since there are hundreds of brands and models, each designed for a type of navigation. Freeride kites are the ideal ones to start with, since they usually have enough stability in the air and a good range of wind.

To choose the measure of the kite, we must take into account the usual wind force in the spots where we sail and our weight, since the higher the weight or the less wind we will need a bigger kite to sail and the bigger the kite the more material It is necessary to manufacture it so its price increases a little. Below we show you the best freeride kites in the market at the best price.

Airush DNA

The Airush DNA kites are off-road kites with a wide range of wind, immediate depower and easy re-launch, ideal for beginners and schools.

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Available in our store in: 4m2, 6m2, 8m2, 10m2, 12m2, 14m2 y 14m2

North Neo

The North Neo is a multipurpose freeride kite since it is a good option for freeride and wave surfkite surfers, it is something more technical than others so it is a good option for slightly more advanced users who want to continue progressing with kitesurfing.

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Available in our store in: 7m2, 8m2 y 12m2

North Rebel

The North Rebel is a high-end kite designed for freeriding and to achieve very high jumps generating a lot of lift. It is a kite with a great range of wind highly recommended for more advanced riders.

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Available in our store in: 8m2, 9m2, 11m2, 12m2 y 13m2

Cabrinha Switchblade

The kite cabrinha switchblade is a freeride kite with a great range of wind and very stable, highly recommended for beginners and more advanced users since it has a fairly large and predictable pop.

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Available in our store in: 4m2, 5m2, 6m2, 7m2, 8m2, 9m2, 10m2, 11m2, 12m2 y 14m2

Cabrinha Radar

The kite cabrinha radar is a versatile kite for more advanced users, as it is a very nervous all-terrain kite very suitable for freeride and freestyle.

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Available in our store in: 3.5m2, 5m2, 7m2, 9m2, 10m2, 12m2 y 14m2

RRD Passion

The RRD Passion kite is a freeride kite that is characterized by being very stable even with gusty winds and its ease for relaunching, ideal for beginners and more advanced users.

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Available in our store in: 9m2 y 13m2

Naish Pivot

The Pivot kites of Naish are very predictable kites with a great range of wind and very easy to use, ideal for beginners.

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Naish Park

The kite Naish Park is a freeride kite skimming the freestyle very stable and powerful that will allow us to progress in our jumps and acrobatics.

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Naish Trip

What makes the Naish Trip kite special is its absence of ribs and therefore low weight, so it is a freeride kite that will allow us to navigate with less wind and facilitate its transport.

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Naish Alana

The Naish Alana kite is a freeride and wave kite designed especially for women with a wide range of wind.

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Core XR5

The Core XR5 is a very stable high-end kite, with a lot of lift and great power, being ideal for lightwind

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Available in our store in: 15m2, 17m2 y 19m2


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