North kiteboarding changes its name

north kiteboarding

North kiteboarding changes its name

According to rumors on social networks, North Kiteboarding changes its name. The rumor was made public in the English forum “kiteforum” in mid-April.

What is the reason for the name change?

The reason for the change of name apparently is a requirement by the brand North Sails (founded in 1957 and manufacturer of sails for all types of boats, nautical clothing and other related items) which owns the name “North” by which has decided not to continue giving the name to North Kiteboarding requesting them to allow them to continue using their name a huge amount of money which North Kiteboarding is not willing to pay.

From when does your name change?

As indicated in “kiteforum” the maximum date from which North kiteboarding will have to stop using its name is from next July 1, 2018.

What will be the next name of the North Kiteboarding brand?

Everything points to the name chosen by the owners of the brand North Kiteboarding will be “Duotone” because they have registered the brand and the domain “”.

How does it affect customers, stores and distributors?

It will have no impact on any, the only difference will be that everything they manufacture from date will have the Duotone brand instead of North, for example the next comets they manufacture will be instead of North Neo or North Rebel will have the name Duotone Neo or Duotone Rebel. Everything will be exactly the same as quality, distribution, brand Riders, etc.

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